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    eco logo finalDo you need to measure air quality or emissions?


    Our instruments enable you to do this with maximum efficiency and reliability.

    For over 35 years customers in more than 70 countries have benefited from our expertise in manufacturing monitoring instruments and systems. This combined with our experience operating one of the world’s largest air quality monitoring networks, enables us to provide the technology and productivity gains you desire.


    Ambient air monitoring

    Air quality monitoring involves the measurement of pollution in ambient conditions. Monitoring the air quality is important in protecting the health of populations and is performed by Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations (AAQMS) that are totally integrated with gas analyzers, particulate monitors, calibration equipment, data loggers and data reporting software. Ecotech provide a totally integrated air quality monitoring system or network of systems for all its world wide clients.


    FTIR - Greenhouse Gas

    Ecotech's focus on delivering high quality monitoring solutions to the Atmospheric Research community are enhanced with its FTIR trace greenhouse gas analyzer. The FTIR greenhouse gas analyzer can monitor all major greenhouse gases simultaneously within one instrument including CO, CO2, CH4, N2O, water vapour. The trace greenhouse gas analyzer can also monitor isotopes in carbon and H2O such as δ13C in CO2, δD-H2O and δ18O in H2O.


    Aurora Nephelometers

    Ecotech provides the broadest and most cost effective range of nephelometers on the market. Nephelometers available from Ecotech include the Integrating Nephelometer, 3 wavelength Backscatter nephelometer, PM correlation nephelometer and Polar nephelometer. Ecotech's nephelometers are easy to use and maintain with very low initial and ongoing costs. more information can also be found at


    Ambient gas analyzers

    Ecotech have a vast experience in gas analyzer technology and a wide range to suit all air quality monitoring requirements. Ecotech’s EC9800 range of gas analyzers include ambient, stack and trace/background monitoring for O3, CO, NOX, SO2, along with alternate gas analyzers such as H2S, TRS, TS, NOy, NH3, CO2. Ecotech compliments this range with a new Serinus gas analyzer series, measuring the 4 standard protocol gases (O3, CO, NOX, SO2) which can also be found at